Founded in 1965, the Topeka Genealogical Society is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Topeka, Kansas.  We believe that all families have important histories, memories and stories that should be preserved and handed down to future generations. And, we know that without deliberate actions to save those memories and stories, they can be forgotten within just three generations. We are here to help families make sure that their precious memories and stories are preserved, and to help them research and recover the stories that have been lost.

Get to know your ancestors – we’re here to help!

Our mission:

To promote, encourage and support interest in family history. We do that by:

  • Providing educational opportunities that teach and promote sound research methods, highlight records and source materials of interest to genealogists, or highlight interesting historical events and context,
  • Preserving and improving access to records and source materials of genealogical or historical significance, and,
  • Providing opportunities for connection and social networking with others who share our interest in and enthusiasm for family history.

Meet Our Leadership Team

President: Barbara LaClair
Vice President: Dannell Altman-Newell
Director At Large: Libby Tidwell
Recording Secretary: Ellen Horn
Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Brock
Treasurer: Spencer Smith
Past President: Eadie Flickinger
Library Director: Vacant

Committee Chairs / Directors
Administration: Vacant
Building Committee: Vacant
Education: Cindy Cruz
Finance : Vacant
Information Technology: Dave Haslett
Membership : Paula Smith
Publicity, Public Relations: Vacant
Research & Records Preservation: Barbara LaClair

Other Key Volunteers
Annual Conference: Barbara LaClair
Library Volunteer Coordinator: Paula Meuffel
Newsletter Editor: Libby Tidwell
Periodical Exchanges: Nancy Appelhanz
Publication Sales: Barbara LaClair
Research Requests: Barbara LaClair
Webmaster: Barbara LaClair

Our Bylaws

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