Volunteer Activity Log

THANK YOU for volunteering with us!  Our success as an organization is totally dependent upon volunteers like you. 
We want to be able to recognize and celebrate the tremendous contributions that our volunteers make to our organization and our community. To help us be able to do that more effectively, we ask that all of our volunteers record the time that they give to TGS by recording it in one of the three ways listed below:
  1. Record your time directly into our electronic data entry form  (the preferred method), OR
  2. Record your time and activity on the Library sign-in form at the front desk at the TGS Library, OR 
  3. Download a paper Activity Tracking worksheet here. To use this form, please fill in with your activity information and either mail it in or turn it in to the TGS Library.  If you are tracking your time on the paper form, please turn in your information by the last day of each month.
Again, Thank You for giving of your time in support of TGS, and Thank You for helping us to capture this important information.