2020 Rescheduling and Refund Information

April 3, 2020
Dear Friends,
Today should have been the first day for our exciting new Heartland Family History Conference. Instead, we are all secluded at home and our Conference Planning Team has spent the past few weeks trying to figure out how to unwind those plans and move forward from here. While we were very disheartened to be forced to cancel the April 3-4 event, we are excited to be able to provide an update that includes what we think is very good news. 
We are re-scheduling the 2020 Heartland Family History Conference for October 30-31, 2020!  (Assuming, of course, that the COVID-19 situation has resolved by then and it is once again safe to convene.)  We have been able to reserve meeting space at the same venue on these dates, our keynote speaker (John Colletta) is available, and nearly all of our breakout presenters and vendors are available and holding those dates.  Being able to re-schedule all of this is no small accomplishment, and we feel very fortunate!
We want to thank everyone who had supported us by pre-registering for the April 3-4 Conference. For you, we are offering the following options:
  1. We hope that most of you will plan to join us in October. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will hold your registrations, and they will apply to the October Conference. 
  1. If you know that you will not be able to join us in October, we hope that you will consider converting your registration payment to a donation in support of our efforts and future Heartland Family History Conferences. If you wish to exercise this option, please let us know in writing, as directed in Step 3 below – we will cancel your registration and retain your payment as a donation.
  1. If you know that you will not be able to participate in October, or don’t want to try to plan that far out and need to request a refund of your registration fees, we will provide full refunds to those individuals who request a refund in writing within 30 days of this note. To request a refund please email us at tgstopeka.conference@gmail.com, with “REFUND REQUEST” in the subject line of your message, or mail a written request, including your full name and mailing address to:  Heartland Family History Conference,  PO Box 4392, Topeka, Kansas 66604-4392.  Note:  this refund offer is available only because of the unusual circumstances that we find ourselves in, and will not establish precedence for refunds of registration payments for future events.
Again, we want to thank everyone for your interest and support of the Heartland Family History Conference.  We hope that all of you are well and observing the stay-at-home guidance during these unusual and challenging times.  And, we hope to see many of you in October! 
Best Regards,
The Heartland Family History Conference planning team, and
The Topeka Genealogical Society Board of Directors