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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  US/PA PDCL 974.81 Westmoreland "Good Purpose" Newsletter Baltzer Meyer Historical Society
View Record  FOREIGN REF/GERMANY 943 Gol INDEX "Palatine Immigrant" Decennial Index, 1975-1985, Volumes 1-10 Golden, John Terence, ed.
View Record  American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Soc Newsletter: V1+(1989+ American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society
View Record  FOR GER PERIODICAL 943 BK 1 [PDCL-0478] Clues American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
View Record  US/NJ 974.9 Cha HISTORY Early Germans of New Jersey: Their history, churches and genealogies (Orig. Pub. 1895) Chambers, Theodore Frehinghuysen
View Record  PAM PA 974.8 Aur Early Life of the Pennsylvania Germans. Aurand, Monroe, Jr.
View Record  FOREIGN RUSSIA 947 Stu EMIGR/IMMIGR Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763-1862. Stumpp, Karl
View Record  US/PA 974.8 Hoc NEWSPAPERS Genealogical data relating to the German settlers of Pennsylvania and adjacent territory from advertisements in German newspapers published in Philadelphia and Germantown, 1743-1800 Hocker, Edward W.
View Record  German American Genealogy: V80+(1990+ incomplete holdings IMMIGRANT GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY
View Record  US/PA Westmoreland 974.881 Ruf CHURCH German church records of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, 1772-1791. , 1980. Ruff, Paul Miller
View Record  Germans to America - Series II lists passengers arriving at U.S. ports in the 1840s, v. 3, Jan 1846 - Oct 1846 Glazer, Ira
View Record  Germans to America - Series II lists passengers arriving at U.S. ports in the 1850-1855, v. 4, 1852 - May 1853 Glazer, Ira and P. William Filby
View Record  Infoblatt: V1-7 (1996-2002)incompl holdings German American Heritage Center
View Record  FOR GER PERIODICAL 973 BK 1 [PDCL-0710] Journal of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
View Record  Palatine Immigrant: V1+(1975/76+ incompl holdings PALATINES TO AMERICA
View Record  Palatine Patter (Newsletter of Palatines to America): N23+(1982+ incompl holdings Palatines to America
View Record  Penn Pal (Newsletter of Palatines to Am-PA Chapter): V3N4-10N3(1982/83-1989/90) Incompl Palatines to America-PA Chapter
View Record  PA 974.818 Egl Pennsylvania genealogies; Scotch-Irish and German Egle, William Henry
View Record  US/PA 974.8 Yod EMIGR/IMMIGR Pennsylvania German immigrants, 1709-1786 (Excerpted from "Yearbooks of Pennsylvania German Folklore Society, " v.1 (1936), v.10 (1945), v.12 (1947), v.16 (1951)) Yoder, Don, ed.
View Record  PA 974.8 Gla Pennsylvania Germans : A brief account of their influence on Pennsylvania Glatfelter, Charles H
View Record  PA 974.8 Ros Pennsylvania Germans, 1891-1965. (Frequently known as the Pennsylvania Dutch). 75th Anniversary volume of the Pennsylvania German Soc., vol. 63 Pennsylvania German Soc.. Rosenberger, Homer Tope, Ph.D., LL.D.
View Record  US/PA PAM 974.8 Gil HISTORY Picture of the Pennsylvania Germans (3rd ed.) Gilbert, Russell W.
View Record  US/PA PAM 974.8 Aur GERMAN IMMGRNTS Quaint idioms and expressions of the Pennsylvania Germans Aurand, A. Monroe, Jr.
View Record  PAM FAM HIST 929.2 Sim MULTIPLE Simmendinger Register: true and authentic register of persons still living. . .who in the Year 1709. . .journeyed from Germany to America [orig. pub. 1934] Simmendinger, Ulrich
View Record  GERMANS FROM RUSSIA 947.4 Wil The Czar's Germans. With particular reference to the Volga Germans. Williams, Hattie Plum
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Records: 1 to 25 of 31