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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  US/NY 974.7 Bow VITAL RECORDS 10,000 vital records of Eastern New York, 1777-1834 Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  MO 929.3778 Wil 1300 'Missing' Missouri Marriage Records From Newspapers, 1812-1853. Wilson, George F. & Maryhelen and Stanley, Lois, Compilers
View Record  US/IN Scott 977.2183 Sco MARRIAGE 1820-1905 Marriage index for Scott County, Indiana Scott County [IN] Genealogical Society
View Record  US/TN Sevier 976.8893 Dav CENSUS 1870 1870 Census - Sevier County, Tennessee with additions of marriages Davenport, Clyde, trans. & Kitty Manscill
View Record  OH 929.377177 Bur A Collection of Pioneer Marriage Records, Hamilton Co., OH. 1789-1817, v I from the papers of John D. Caldwell found at the Cincinnati Historical Soc.. Burress, Marjorie Byrnside, editor
View Record  MA 974.46 Rec A report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston, containing Dorchester births, marriages, and deaths to the end of 1825 Record Commissioners
View Record  US/MO 977.8694 Per Perry NEWSPAPER Abstracts from the Perryville Weekly Union, 13 Sep 1862 - 28 Dec 1877 Perryville Weekly Union
View Record  MO 929.3778794 Wil Abstracts of Wills and Administrations, 1851-1898 and Marriage Records, 1851-1879, Stone Co., Mo. Warrensburg, Mo. (see 72-0471) Williams, Betty Harvey
View Record  US/VA Fauquier 975.5275 Kin WILL/PROBATE Abstracts of wills, administrations, and marriages of Fauquier County, Virginia, 1759-1800 (Orig. Pub. 1939) King, J. Estelle Stewart
View Record  MO 929.3778264 Ell Adair Co., MO. Marriages Records, 1841-1870. Chillicothe, MO. Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.155 Ale McPherson CHURCH Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church, Goessel, Kansas - Yearbook, 1956 Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church
View Record  US/VA Alleghany 975.5816 All MARRIAGE Alleghany County, Virginia marriages, 1822-1854 Alleghany Highlands Genealogical Society
View Record  PAM IN 929.377274 Res Allen Co., Ind. Marriages 1824-1837 The Researchers
View Record  IN 929.377274 Rid Allen Co., Ind. Marriages 1824-1847 Ridlen, Coleen
View Record  KY 976.9732 Rab Allen Co., Kentucky, vital statistics, 1852-1862, births, deaths, marrages Rabold, Mary Moltenberry and Elizabeth Moltenberry Price
View Record  KS 929.378194 Sou Allen Co., Ks. Marriages, v I 1856-1910, v II 1911-1925 2 volumes in one. Southeast Kansas Gen. Soc.
View Record  US/KS 978.194 Sou Allen MARRIAGE Allen County, Kansas - marriages, 1926-1956 Southeast Kansas Genealogical Society
View Record  US 929.3 Cle American Marriage Records Before 1699. Clemens, William Montgomery
View Record  TN 929.376873 Gam Anderson Co., Tennessee Marriages, January 1859--August 1882. Gammell, Paula
View Record  KS 929.3781672 And Anderson County, KS marriage records, bride's index, 1856-1995, v. I. Anderson Co. Gen. Soc.
View Record  KS 929.3781672 And Anderson County, KS marriage records, groom's index, 1856-1995, v. II. Anderson Co. Gen. Soc.
View Record  US/NC Ashe 975.6835 Ing MARRIAGE Ashe County, North Carolina marriage records, 1817-1871 Ingmire, Frances T.
View Record  US/KS Atchison 978.136 Nor MARRIAGE Atchison County, Kansas marriages: 1855-1868, 1869-1875, 1876-1897 (3v. in 1) Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society
View Record  US/MO Atchison 977.8113 Cox MARRIAGE Atchison County, Missouri marriages, 1863 -1869 Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society
View Record  MO 977.833 Wea Audrain Co., Missouri Marriages, v.5; 1 January 1870 to 31 December 1899. Weant, Kenneth E
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Records: 1 to 25 of 641