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View Record  RUSSIA 289.1 Dey A Song in Sibera. (The struggle of an early Church in Barnaul, Siberia) Deyneka, Peter Jr. & Anita,
View Record  PA 280.37484 Sou Abstracts and Identifications of Entries Giving European Origins in Church Records of South Central Pennsylvania and Adajacent Areas. Spec. Pub. 41 South Central Gen. Soc.
View Record  US/PA PAM 974.842 Ada Adams CHURCH REC Adams County [PA] church records of the 18th Century n.i.
View Record  US/PA PAM 974.842 Mil Adams HISTORY Adams County [PA] history - v. 5, index v. 1-5 Myers, James P., Jr., ed.
View Record  KS 978.178117 Lon Agra-Snow Historical Booklet. Ref: Phillips Co, KS, Agra, KS, Methodist Church. Long, W. R., Editor.
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.165 Cen Douglas CHURCH Album directory: Centenary United Methodist Church, Lawrence, Kansas Centenary United Methodist Church
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.155 Ale McPherson CHURCH Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church, Goessel, Kansas - Yearbook, 1956 Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church
View Record  PA 289.374842 Hin An Index to Hiner's Transcript of the Gen. Records of Menallen Monthly Meeting in Adams Co., PA. Hiner, ----
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.131 Owe Marshall CHURCH Annunciation Catholic Church, Frankfort, Kansas - Centennial history and pictorial album, 1880-1980 Owen, Sharon, Chairman of Centennial Committee
View Record  US/KS 978.1 Arc CHURCH Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas:150 years of faith, 1850-2000
View Record  PAM 929.1 Mis Archives Information Bulletin, V. II #4. Guide to The Morman War Papers, 1838-1841. Office of The Secretary of State, 1980. Sec. of State, Records Management & Archives Service.
View Record  US/KS Rooks 978.118 Oli HISTORY Ash Rock and the Stone Church: History of a Kansas rural community Oliva, Leo E.
View Record  MO 287.778132 Ash Ashland United Methodist Church, St. Joseph, MO. Directories, v. 1. 1981. Ashland United Methodist Church.
View Record  MO 287.778132 Ash Ashland United Methodist Church, St. Joseph, MO. Directories, v. 2. 1984. Ashland United Methodist Church.
View Record  MO 977.8694 Col Baptism statistatics v. 1 1 Jan. 1822-Nov 1856 of St Mary's (Assumption) Catholic Church, Perryville, MO Callier, Carl [Rev.]
View Record  KS 978.1331 St. B Baptismal records for St. Bridget Church, Rural Axtell, Kansas 1860-1967 Alphabetical Listing Chronological Listing St. Bridget's Historical Soc.
View Record  TX 929.3764141 Mon Baptismal Records of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Houston, Harris Co., TX 1880-1882. Montgomery Co. Gen. & Historical Soc., Inc
View Record  PAM US 286.1 His Baptist History and Heritage, 1969 Edition Microfilm Catalog. Publ. by Historical Commission, S.B.C. and Southern Baptist Historical Soc.. V. 14 Special No. June 1969. Historical Commission, S B C
View Record  Barbados 929.37299 San Barbados Records Baptisms 1637-1800.. Sanders, Joanne McRee
View Record  KS 282.178195 Fit Beacon on the Plains. (History of the Catholic Mission, St. Paul, Neosho Co., KS) (Also, of the Osage Indian Nation in Kansas.) Fitzgerald, Sister Mary Paul S.C.L., PhD.
View Record  US/PA Berks 974.816 Wri CHURCH Berks County, Pennsylvania church records of the 18th century, v. 3 Wright, F. Edward
View Record  VA 285.73 Tur Bethel and her ministers, 1746-1946 Second ed. Turner, Herbert S
View Record  PAM ENGLAND 942.1 GIB Bishops Transcripts and Marriage Licenses, Bonds and Alligations : A Guide to Their Location and Indexes. 2d. ed. reprinted and updated Gibson, J.S.W., compiler
View Record  FAM HIST 929.2 Pas KLEIN Brainard's [Butler County, Nebraska] Monsignor Klein Pastorak, John B., Rev.
View Record  US 286.1 Hec Brethren in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. Heckman, John and Miller, J. E.
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Records: 26 to 50 of 347