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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  CANADA 971 Pry Canada: a mini guide to Gen. research sources. Pryor, Estella
View Record  PA 974.813 Cli Chester Co. Pennsylvania Area Key Clint, Florence
View Record  929.1 Car Climbing the Family Tree With Nancy. Carlberg, Nancy Ellen
View Record  929.1 Zab Climbing Your Family Tree Systemtically. Zsabriskie, George Olin
View Record  OH 16.9771 Sta Co. by Co. in Ohio Genealogy The State Library of Ohio
View Record  REF 929.3 Ben Co. courthouse book Bentley, Elizabeth Petty
View Record  PA 929.1748 Pen Co. Government and Archives in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission
View Record  REF GERMANY 433.1 Con Conversa-Phone German Instruction Manual Conversaphone Institute
View Record  PAM IRELAND 929.1 Hic Cork (Co. Ireland) Family History. Finding Your Irish Ancestors: U.S.A. and Ireland. Handbook No. 1 Hickey, Nora M
View Record  Creating junior genealogists: tips and activities for family history Frisch, Karen
View Record  US 745.593 Kee Creating Keepsakes:Scrapbooking family heritage Keepsakes Scrapbook Magazine
View Record  DE 975.1 Doh Delaware Gen. research guide. 2nd. ed. Doherty, Thomas P
View Record  US 929.102574 Lai Digging for Gen. treasure in New England town records Lainhart, Ann Smith
View Record  929.1 Mil Discovering your English ancestors. A genealogist's guide. Milner, Paul & Linda Jonas
View Record  REF 929.1 Mil Discovering your English Ancestors. card two Milner, Paul & Linda Jones
View Record  PAM 929.1 Gen Do Your Letters Beg for Attention? Or Do They Command It? Gen. Institute
View Record  DUTCH 929.1 Fra Dutch Gen. Research Franklin, Charles M.
View Record  REF/IND MO 16.9778 Mid Early Virginia Genealogy Resources in the Genealogy and Local History Branch. James A Tharp, Library Ass't. compiler Mid-Continent Public Library
View Record  PAM NY 917.174748 Sar Enjoy Saratoga Co., (N.Y.) Saratoga Co. (NY) Co. Board. of Supervisors
View Record  Europe 914.1 Ame Europe Travel Guide American Automobile Ass'n.
View Record  929.1 Mil Evidence. Citation & Analysis for the family historian. Mills, Elizabeth Shown
View Record  929.1072 Jon Family History for Fun and Profit, by Vincent L Jones, Arlene H. Eakle, Mildred H. Christensen. Rev. ed. Jones, Vincent L
View Record  Family skeletons: Exploring the lives of our disreputable ancestors, 2nd ed. Paley, Ruth and Simon Fowler
View Record  REF England 16.9291 Rei Family ties in England, Scotland, Wales, & Ireland: Sources for Gen. research Reid, Judith P
View Record  PAM 929.1 She Feudal Genealogy. Sheppard, Walter Lee, Jr.
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Records: 26 to 50 of 266