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View Record  REF US 917.304 Gan The origin of certain place names in the United States Originally published as U.S. Geological Survey, Bulletin No. 258, 2nd. ed Gannett, Henry
View Record  MO 977.8 Boy The old Gravois coal diggings Boyer, Mary Joan
View Record  IN 977.2 Pra The Old Crop In Indiana. Pratt, Sarah S.
View Record  ENGLAND 929.3 Nor The Norman people and their descendants in the British dominions and the United States of America
View Record  VA 975.589 New The new history of Highland Co., Virginia 1982
View Record  US 382 Bai The New England Merchants in the Seventeenth Century. (Studies in entrepreneurial history.) Bailyn, Bernard
View Record  PA 974.874812 Ald The Montgomery Co. (PA) Story. With recognition to Edw. W. Hocker whose historical data prepared. .. Alderfer, E. Gordon.
View Record  PA 974.884 Vee The Monongahela of old; or Historical sketches of south-western Pennsylvania to the year 1800. Reprinted from 1858, 1892 Veech, James
View Record  PAM US 970.78 Ms The Missouri : Timeless wilderness; reprinted from Montana the magazine of Western History, v, XX, No. 3, July, 1970 Goosman, Mildred , John G Lepley & Mark H Brown
View Record  MA 974.4 Mor The Maritime History of Massachusetts, 1783-1860. Morison, Samuel Eliot.
View Record  MO 977.841 New The Longview that we remember Newcom-Jones, Linda
View Record  OK 976.633 Hol The Logan Co., History, 1889-1977. V. I - The Families. Holmes, Helen Freudenberger, editor
View Record  US 917.3 Van The living past of America : pictorial treasury of our historic houses and villages that have been preserved and restored. Reprint Vanderbilt, Cornelius, Jr.
View Record  US 973.1 Han The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies. Being an account of the hatred felt by many Americans for President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and the first complete examination and refutation of the many theories, hypotheses, and speculations put forward since 1865 concerning those presumed to have aided, abetted, controlled, or directed the murderous Act of John Wilkes Booth in Ford's theater the night of April 14, 1986. Hanchett, William
View Record  MAPCASE PA, DE, NJ D-1 Hul The Legacy of New Sweden. 350th Anniversary of New Sweden Colony, Pennsylvania, Delaware, N. J. Swedish and Finnish Sites in America. Hulan, Dr. Richard
View Record  KS 978.1 Bir The Land and The People: The settlement of Riley Co., (KS) Bird, Roy
View Record  942.1 ENGLAND The King's England: Yorkshire West riding Mee, Arthur
View Record  942.1 ENGLAND The King's England: Yorkshire East Riding with York Mee, Arthur
View Record  942.1 ENGLAND The King's England: Monmouthshire Mee, Arthur, Hugo Tyerman and others
View Record  TX 976.4185 Moo The Killough Massacre. Also, the Kickapoo Battle and Cordova Rebellion. Moore, Jack
View Record  KY 976.9 Cla The Kentucky. Bicentennial edition with a new chapter by the author Clark, Thomas D
View Record  KS 978.1 Rob The Kansas Conflict. 1892 Robinson, Charles
View Record  PAM KS 978.1 Bat The Kansas Africian American History Trail. KS Dept. of Commerce & Housing, etc. Bates, Angela
View Record  US 973 Jou The Journal of American History. Relating to life stories of men and events that have entered into the building of the Western Continent. . . Incl: Cornel Family, Ward, Marcy, Latham, Lawton. . . The Journal of American History Corporation
View Record  KS 978.131 Wri The History of Summerfield, (Marshall Co.), Kansas Wright, Harriet Hughes
View Record  CO 978.876 For The History of Sedgwick, Co., Colorado, v. II. 1985 NOTE: Library does not own V. I. Fort Sedgwick Historical Soc.
View Record  ITALY 945.1 Rhy The History of Rome by Livy. In 6 vol. v. I (1912) Rhys, Ernest, Editor
View Record  MO 977.819 His The history of Ray Co., Mo., carefully written and compiled from the most authentic official and private sources including a history of its townships, city, towns and villages Also have : A CD with this history of Ray Co.
View Record  VA 975.5665 Cle The history of Pittsylvania Co. Virginia Clement, Maud Carter
View Record  NH 974.2 Bel The History of New Hampshire, v. I. From a copy of the original edition, having the author's last corrections, to which are added, notes, containing various corrections and illustrations of the text, and additional facts and notices of persons and events therein mentioned by John Farmer corresponding secretary of the New Hampshire Historical Soc.. (1831) Belknap, Jermey
View Record  MD 975.284 Boy The History of Montgomery Co., MD., from its earliest settlement in 1650 to 1879. Boyd, T. H. S.
View Record  OH 977.148 His The history of Miami Co., Ohio
View Record  977.1514 Leg OH Marion HISTORY The History of Marion County, Ohio, v. 2. Leggett, Conaway & Co.
View Record  977.1514 Leg OH Marion HISTORY The History of Marion County, Ohio, v. 1. Leggett, Conaway & Co.
View Record  IA 977.783 His The history of Marion Co., Iowa : containing a history of the Co., its cities, towns, etc., biographical sketches of its citizens, war record of volunteers in the late rebellion, genral and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of then northwest history of Iowa, map of Marion Co., constitution of Iowa, miscellaneous matters... NOTE: Reprint: Originally published: Des Moines, IA: Union Historical Co., 1881
View Record  MO 977.177824 His The History of Linn Co., Missouri. Birdsell & Dean, Publishers.
View Record  MO 977.177824 His The History of Linn Co., Missouri. Birdsell & Dean, Publishers.
View Record  NC 975.6782 Nix The History of Lincoln Co.; First published in North Carolina Booklet, January 1910 Vol. IX No. 3 Nixon, Alfred
View Record  AR 976.773 Lit The History of Jacksonville (Pulaski Co., AR) 1818-1976. (This is a Bicentennial work done by a Commission)COVER READS: The History of Jacksonville 1818-1976 Little, Mrs. Billy J., Editor
View Record  OH 977.144 War The history of Hardin Co., Ohio, containing a history of the colony; its townships, towns Warner, Beers Co. (Chicago. IL)
View Record  NE 978.278292 His The History of Gordon, Nebraska. Centennial Book Committee.
View Record  TN 976.876821 Fay The History of Fayette Co., Tennessee. Fayette Co. (TN) Historical Soc..
View Record  IN 378.1172 Smi The History of Education in the Middle West. Smith, Timothy L. & Pitzer, Donald E.
View Record  PAM IL 977.3585 Ses The History of DeWitt Co., Ill. 1839-1968. Sesquicentennial Comm.
View Record  OH 977.1465 Ogd The History of Champaign Co., Ohio, containing a history of the Co.; its cities, towns, etc. Reprinted by Unigraphic, 1972 Ogden, J. W.
View Record  MO 977.877843 Nat The History Of Cass and Bates Counties, MO. Containing a history of these counties, their cities, towns, etc. Biographical sketches of their citizens, general and local statistics, history of Missouri, map of Cass & Bates counties, etc. National Historical Company
View Record  IA 977.761 His The History of Benton Co, IA, containing a history of the Co., its cities, towns, etc. . . . Walsworth Publ. Co.
View Record  TN 976.801 Kar The history and folks of English Mountain, Sevier Co. Tennessee. Includes Surnames: Bird.-Armprister.-Serrett.-Fox.-Reneau. -Ivey.-France.-Dockery.-Baker.-Derrick.-Layman.-Batson and others Karr, Beulah
View Record  NH 929.374272 Poo The Historical and Gen. Researches and Recorder of Passing Events of Merrimack Valley. Poor, Alfred.
View Record  MO 977.8 Mey The Heritage of Missouri - a history. Rev. ed. Hazelwood, MO. State Pub. Co., Inc. Meyer, Duane
View Record  PA 974.815 Loo The Heritage of Lancaster (PA). Loose, John Ward Willson
View Record  KS 978.1 Ric The Heritage of Kansas. Selected Commentaries on Past Times. Rich, Everett
View Record  NC 975.685 Bur The Heritage of Burke Co., 1981 Burke Co. Historical Soc.
View Record  IN 977.295 Hay The heritage of '75-76 commemorative book of Tippecanoe Co., IN, 1826-1976 Haymen, Allen
View Record  US 975..4 Wal The Hatfields, McCoys and social change in Appalachia, 1860-1900 Waller, Altina L
View Record  PAM VA 917.275 Sch The Guide to Fauquier (Co., VA). A survey of the architecture and history of a Virginia Co.. Scheel, Eugene M.
View Record  TN NC 976.8 Den The Great Smokies : yesterday and today; edited by Delmar Dennis Dennis, Delmar
View Record  IL 977.359 Dui The Good Old Times in McLean Co., IL, containing 261 sketches of old settlers. A complete historical sketch of the Black Hawk War . . . . Duis, E. Dr.
View Record  IN 977.177263 Ind The German-American Contribution to Richmond's Development: 1833-1933. Donald M. Royer. Indiana German Heritage Soc..
View Record  PAM TN 976.89 Sha The Gatlinburg story Shaw, Russell
View Record  US 977 Eck The Frontiersmen. A Narrative. Eckert, Allen W
View Record  IN 977.01 Ind The French, the Indians, and George Rogers Clark in the Illinois country; proceedings of an Indiana Americn Revolution Bicentennial Symposium, Shircliff Theater, Vincennes, Indiana, May 14 and 15, 1976 Indiana Historical Soc.
View Record  IL 977.3 Fre The French, The Indians and George Rogers Clark in Illinois Country: . . . . . Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial Com.
View Record  TN 976.885 Rot The French Broad-Holston country : A history of Knox Co., Tennessee statehood Rothrock, Mary Utopia, editor
View Record  OK 976.634 Cha The founding of Stillwater; a case study in Oklahoma history. Chapman, Berlin Basil
View Record  US 973.2 Ver The Formative Years, 1607-1763. The making of America Ver Steeg, Clarence L.
View Record  REF US 342.73 Uni The formation of the Union: a documentary history based upon an exhibit in the National Archives Building United States. National Archives and Records Service
View Record  ND 929.2 FaR The First One Hundred Years; Centennial project of the Soc.. 2v Fargo Genealogy Soc..
View Record  KS 978.128 Man The first one hundred years: The history of the city of Manhattan, Kansas 1855-1955: Official souvenir booklet of the Manhattan Centennial, Inc..; Carolyn Jones, author Manhattan Centennial, Inc.
View Record  KS 978.166 Ros The first one hundred years : a history of Richmond, Kansas 1869-1969 Rossman, Mrs. Arthur Rossman
View Record  MI 977.447 Bay The first hundred years: A pictorial history of the Bay area Bay City Times
View Record  TN 976.8 Bro The faces of East Tennessee ; An historical perspective on the counties of East Tennessee. Note: Includes a historic summary and brief summary of 30 counties of East TN. Brown, Fred
View Record  PAM CANADA 971.17127 Bra The Face of Yesterday. the story of Brandon, Manitoba. Brandon Junior Chamber of Commerce.
View Record  OH 977.169 Kes The Era of Elegance. A History of Toronto, Ohio, 1900-1914. Kestner, Walter M
View Record  ENGLAND 909.0942 Ros The English Civil War. G. P. Putnam's Sons. c. 1962. Ross, Sutherland
View Record  Midwest 284.1 Sch The East Friesens in America. rept. 1917. An illustrated history of their colonies to the present time. Translated by Pastor Kenneth DeWall. Schnucker, George, Pastor
View Record  BAHAMAS 729.6 Bet The Early Settlers of The Bahamas and Colonists of North America. Bethel, A. Talbot
View Record  MA 929.345 Mig The Early Records of the Town of Rowley, MA, 1639-1672. Benjamin P. Mighill, Town clerk. Mighill, Benjamin P.
View Record  REF PA 974.882 Bel The Dutch Fork Settlement of Donegal Township, Washington Co., PA, with notes on these families: Deeds, Fullenwider. . . . Bell, Raymond Martin
View Record  VA 975.5275 Rus The Dixon Valley. Its First 250 years. Incl. Dixon, Carter, Turner, Rogers, Rixey, Morehead, Scott, Brown, Maddux families. Triplett, Russell, T. & John K. Gott,
View Record  MS 976.2 Dan The Devil's Backbone; the Story of the Natchez Trace.(American trails series) Daniels, Jonathan
View Record  MO 977.8813 Dal The Dallas Co., Missouri Story (1841-1971). Dallas Co. MO Historical Soc.
View Record  KS 978.139 Tay The consolidated ethnic history of Wyandotte Co.; a project of the Kansas City, Kansas Ethnic Council, Inc. Including: African-American.-Belgian.-Croatian.-English.-Germanic. -Irish.-Italian..-Jewish.-Lithuanian. -Mexican.-Polish.-Native American.-Russian. -Scandinavian.-Scottish.-Serbian. -Slovenian. -Slovak.-Welch. Taylor, Loren L.
View Record  KS 978.129 Jef The Central: Central National Bank of Junction City 1884-1984, 100th Anniversity Jeffries, Irene
View Record  CZECH 943.7 Boh The Centennial of the Bohemian Cemetery Association of Chicago, IL 1877-1977. Bohemian National Cemetery Ass'n.
View Record  WV 975.426 Lee The Burning Springs. And other tales of the Little Kanawha. Lee, Howard B.
View Record  VA 975.59 McW The Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia from 1768 to 1795 embracing the life of Jesse Hughes and other noted scouts of the great woods of the Trans-Allegheny with notes and illustrative anecdotes. Incl.: Lowther, Reger, Brake, Cozad, Hurst, Belt, Schoolcraft, Stroud. McWhorter, Lucullus Virgil
View Record  IA 357.777789 Mur The Birth and Demise of Brazil, (IA) Murphy, Milo R.
View Record  KY 976.9 Ely The Big Sandy Valley : history of the people and country from the earliest settlement to the present time Ely, William M
View Record  IN 977.283 Thr The bicentennial emphasizing the Anthony Wayne flag and the Canal days of Wabash and Miami Counties and the community of Richvalley, Indiana Thrush, Ronald P
View Record  PA 929.374881 McH The Best Men of Westmoreland (Co., Pennsylvania). An Historical Account of the Lochry Expedition. With an index prepared by Willa Reece Schaich. McHenry, Chris
View Record  AR 976.7 Bel The Bella Vista (Ark.) Story. Bella Vista Historical Soc.
View Record  KS 978.1 Bar The Beginning of the West. Annals of the Kansas Gateway to American West, 1540-1854. Barry, Louise
View Record  PAM VT 973.1 Par The Battle of Bennington (VT), Aug. 16, 1777. Parks, Joseph W R
View Record  TN 976.8 Ram The annals of Tennessee to the end of the eighteenth century. Ramfre reprint Ramsey, J. G. M
View Record  SC 975.739 One The Annals of Newberry. Two parts in one vol. O'Neall, John Belton
View Record  SC 975.791 Clu The annals and parish register of St Thomas and St. Denis Parish, in South Carolina, from 1680 to 1884. Reprint of 1884 ed. printed by Walker, Evans, & Cogswell Clute, Robert F.
View Record  US 917.3 Kan The American Counties; a record of the origin of the names of the 3,067 counties, dates of creation and organization, area, . . Kane, Joseph Nathan, 1899-
View Record  WV 975.4 Ric. The Allegheny frontier : West Virginia's beginnings, 1830-1830 Rice, Otis K.
View Record  978.1332 Bro KS Nemaha HISTORY Thats the way it was wround Bancroft. Brown, Gary & Cletamae, comp.
View Record  OK 976.635 Buf That We May Not Forget. Buffington, Mary Amorette Kelso
View Record  US/KS Morris 978.158 Str HISTORY That town called Parkerville [Kansas] Strom, Charles R.
View Record  CD MO 977.884 Tex Texas Co. Missouri EBooks Contents : Goodspeed's Texas Co. History Texas Co. MO.1889.--Selections from the 1913 Missouri Red Book.--Maps of Texas Co. 1851, 1913, 1920's, 1929.
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.165 Lec Douglas HISTORY Territorial Days: a story of historical Lecompton, Kansas (rev. ed.) Lecompton Historical Society
View Record  LA 976.341 Cou Terrebonne Parish: A pictorial history book, Then and now; In commemoration of the 175th anniversary of Terrebonno Parish The Courier, Houma, Louisiana
View Record  TN 976.8 Ray Tennessee cousins : a history of Tennessee people Ray, Worth S
View Record  US 973.7 Cro HISTORY CIVIL WAR Tennessee Cavalier in the Missouri Cavalry: Major Henry Ewing, CSA, of the St. Louis Times Crowley, William J.
View Record  TN 976.3768 Dar Tennessee Blue Book 1997-1998 (incl. history of the State and the Governors, property, etc.) Darnell, Riley C., Secretary of State
View Record  TN 976.8 Dyk Tennessee : A History Dykeman, Wilma
View Record  US/PA Washington 974.882 Lec HISTORY Tenmile County and its pioneer families (Orig. Pub. 1950) Leckey, Howard L.
View Record  PAM KS 978.163 Hen Tecumseh, Kansas 1854 - 1954 Centennial Hennessey, Lola, compiler
View Record  IA 977.756 Tam Tama Co. Memories. Title from cover: Album. Tama Co., Iowa Tama Co. Publishing
View Record  TX 976.4 Dob Tales of old-time Texas; ill. by Barbara Latham Dobie, J. Frank
View Record  FOREIGN UK SCOTLND 941.1 Tra HISTORY Tales and traditions of Scottish castles Tranter, Nigel
View Record  US/KS Gray 978.174 Ren HISTORY Tale of two towns Rennie, Helen Ward
View Record  RESOURCE CD 929.1 NGS CONFERENCE 2007 T-219 "Virginia Frontier Settlement and Migration," NGS Conference, Richmond, VA May 2007 Little, Barbara Vines, speaker
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Cal SCHOOL T(opeka) H(igh) S(chool) scrapbook Callison, Danny & Judy Cromwell, comps.
View Record  US/KS Reno 978.183 His HISTORY Sylvia, Kansas: Pride in the past. . .faith in the future, 1887-1987 History Book Committee
View Record  US/IN 977.2 DeB HISTORY Sweet memories of 'Old Indianie': Personal experiences and memories of the author, written circa 1940 DeBra, Sarah Brown
View Record  REF US 973 Wes HISTORY SWEDEN v. 3 Swedish element in America: comprehensive history of Swedish-American achievements from 1638 to the present day, v. 3 Westman, Erik G. & E. Gustav Johnson, eds.
View Record  REF US 973 Wes HISTORY SWEDEN v. 2 Swedish element in America: comprehensive history of Swedish-American achievements from 1638 to the present day, v. 2 Westman, Erik G. & E. Gustav Johnson, eds.
View Record  REF US 973 Wes HISTORY SWEDEN v. 1 Swedish element in America: comprehensive history of Swedish-American achievements from 1638 to the present day, v. 1 Westman, Erik G. & E. Gustav Johnson, eds.
View Record  PA 974.83 Pre Susquenhanna Valley: a pictorial History Note: Title from the cover Press Enterprise, Bloomsburg, PA
View Record  RUSSIA 947 Dmi Surviving the Storms. Memory of Stalin's tyranny. Dmitriew, Helen
View Record  KS 978.161 Sol Surname Index [to] Early History of Wabaunsee Co., (Kans.) by Matt Thomson , 1901. Solden, Alice
View Record  REF KS 978.178124 Tho Surname Index to: History of Republic Co., Kans. 1868-1964. LOCATED WITH THE TGS PUBLICATIONS Thompson, W. Joyce
View Record  KS 978.178124 Tho Surname Index to: History of Republic Co., Kans. 1868-1964. Thompson, W. Joyce
View Record  US/KS Lincoln 978.1532 Bar HISTORY Surname index to Souvenir History of Lincoln County, KS (by Elizabeth N. Barr, 1908) Meili, Joan G.
View Record  KS 978.154 Bra Surname Index for 'City on the Move': A history of early Salina, Kans. with lots of biographical sketches Bramwell, Ruby Phillips
View Record  MO 977.844 Lat Supplemental index to 1911 history of Vernon Co. Missouri Lathrop, Wilma
View Record  US/NE Nuckolls 978.2372 Smi HISTORY Superior Centuram: Superior area Nebraska centennial, 1967-1967 Smith, Marjorie, ed.
View Record  KS 978.152 Alb Sunshine in the Valley, Albert, Kansas, 1886-1986. (Barton Co., KS)
View Record  US/KS Marshall 978.131 Sch HISTORY Summerfield, Kansas, 1888-1988. Scheibe, Edith, ed.
View Record  US 973.7 Str HISTORY CIVIL WAR v. 12 Struggle for Tennessee: Tupelo to Stones River Street, James, Jr.
View Record  US/KS PAM/REF 978.163 Str Shawnee HISTRY Strickrott's photographic souvenir of the flood at Topeka, Kansas, 1903 Strickrott, John F.
View Record  KS 978.1645 Kei Strawn, Kansas USA 1872- 1969: 91 years worth remembering Keith, Verla
View Record  US/IA 977.783 Sch Marion HISTORY Stranger in a strange land: Story of a Dutch settlement in Iowa (Orig. Pub. 1939) Scholte, Leonora R.
View Record  PAM US/KS Jewell 978.122 Pal HISTORY Story of the old hometown: Jewell City, Kansas [orig. pub. in the Jewell County Republican in 28 weekly installments beginning 28 Apr 1933] Palmer, Everett
View Record  US 978 Rea Story of the Great American West Reader's Digest
View Record  KS 978.168 McL Story of Paola, Kansas 1857 - 1950: History of Paola, Kansas, 1855 to 1955. Note: Library has Index to these two books, compiled by Berenice Boyd Wallace. [978.168 Wal KS Miami Index] McLachin, H. (Henry Marshall), b. 1838.
View Record  US/KS Greenwood 978.1913 His HISTORY Story of old Greenwood City, Greenwood County, Kansas n.i.
View Record  US/KS Norton 978.1155 Die HISTORY Story of Lenora, Kansas, 1873-1974 Dieterich, Virgil C.
View Record  KS 978.178157 Wei Story of Lehigh. A Research paper presented to the Dept. of Christian Education, Bethel College. Lehigh, Marion Co., KS. Weinbrenner, Loren
View Record  US/KS Miami 978.168 His HISTORY Story of 4-H: Miami County 4-H Celebrates Bicentennial, 1926-1976 History Book Committee
View Record  KS 978.161 Wab Stories of the Past, Wabaunsee County [KS] history (3rd ed.) Wabaunsee County History Book Committee
View Record  PAM IN 977.295 Tip Stories and legends of the Wabash Country, v. 2 Tippecanoe Co. Historical Association
View Record  PAM IN 977.295 Tip Stories and legends of the Wabash Country, v. 1 Tippecanoe Co. Historical Association
View Record  OK 976.634 New Stillwater: One hundred years of memories: A pictorial history Newsom, D. Earl
View Record  KS 978.1543 Zim Sterling Kansas 1872-1984 Reprint Zimmerman, Ross W
View Record  US/NE Jefferson 978.2332 Jef HISTORY Steele City, Nebraska: Its history and people in photos (Pub. 1970s), with additional information by Gary Mitchel Zabokrtsky Jefferson County [NE] Historical Society
View Record  US/NE Jefferson 978.2332 Ste HISTORY Steele City, Nebraska story (Pub. 1950), with additional information by Gary Mitchel Zabokrtsky Steele City [NE] High School Students and Staff
View Record  US/NE Jefferson 978.2332 Zab HISTORY Steele City, Nebraska American Legion & Auxiliary Post #349 Campbell-Klein, 1927-1977, and Memorial Day Services, 1999-2016 Zabokrtsky, Gary Mitchel
View Record  US/NE 978.2332 Zab Jefferson HISTORY Steele City village life, 1860s-1950s: Jenkins Mill, Freeport and Steele City, Nebraska Zabokrtsky, Gary Mitchel
View Record  US/NE 978.2332 Zab Jefferson SCHOOL Steele City schools - District No. 1, Steele City, Nebraska, 1867-1992, Book 2 Zabokrtsky, Gary Mitchel
View Record  US/KS 978.1 Wat RAILROAD Steel Trails to Santa Fe [Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Topeka industries] Waters, Lawrence Leslie
View Record  FAM HIST 929.2 Joi INGALLS Statue of Hon. John James Ingalls, erected in Statuary Hall of the Capitol Building at Washington Joint Committee on Printing, US Senate and House of Representatives, comp.
View Record  US/NY Richmond 974.726 Dub HISTORY Staten Island Patroons Dubois, Theodora & Dorothy Valentine Smith
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.1332 Koe Nemaha HISTORY State Bank of Bern Centennial, 1889-1989 Koehler, Ron
View Record  KS 978.178171 Sta Stanton Co., Kansas 1887-1987
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Con HISTORY v. 5 Standard History of Kansas and Kansans. v. 5 Connelley, William E.
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Con HISTORY v. 4 Standard History of Kansas and Kansans. v. 4 Connelley, William E.
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Con HISTORY v. 3 Standard History of Kansas and Kansans. v. 3 Connelley, William E.
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Con HISTORY v. 2 Standard History of Kansas and Kansans. v. 2 Connelley, William E.
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Con HISTORY v. 1 Standard History of Kansas and Kansans. v. 1 Connelley, William E.
View Record  US/KS Stafford 978.1813 Sta HISTORY Stafford County History, 1870-1990. , 1990. Stafford County Historical and Genealogical Society & Stafford County Museum Library Committee
View Record  GA 975.8742 Gre St. Simons Island (Georgia) Green, R. Edwin
View Record  CD MO 977.865 St. L St. Louis Co., Missouri. EBook Contents: St. Louis Co. Directory, 1893 by Charles F Spahn.--St. Louis Co. maps
View Record  US/MO Buchanan 977.8132 Gre HISTORY St. Joseph: Pictorial history Grenier, Mildred
View Record  KS 978.125 St. J St. Joseph area history St. Joseph History Committee, Gladys Charbonneau, and others
View Record  US/KS Saline 978.1545 Loy MILITARY St. John's Military School: History Loy, Virgil B.
View Record  CD MO 977.839 St. C St. Charles Co., Missouri, EBook. Contents: History of St. Charles Missouri., 1885.-Selections from 1913 Red Book.-St. Charles Co. maps, 1851, 1902, 1904, 1913, 1920's, 1929
View Record  PAM OH 977.149 All Springfield in the 1870's Allbeck, Willard
View Record  US/PA 974.841 You York HISTORY REV WAR Special Publication #65: Revolutionary War Soldiers' Pension Petitions & Obits Young, Henry James & Historical Society of York County, comp.
View Record  US/PA 974.841 Gla York HISTORY Special Publication #64: Petition of 1747: Study in York County's Founding Glatfelter, Charles H. & Frederick S. Weiser
View Record  KS 978.176 Fry Spearville: city of windmills. (includes a biographical section) Fry, Eleanor
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.149 Lar Pawnee HISTORY Souvenir of Larned and Pawnee County, Kansas [orig. pub. 1910] Larned Business Men's Association
View Record  KS 978.134 Kan Souvenir Edition Issued by the Kansas Democrat. E. Martindale, Publisher. Kansas Democrat
View Record  US 975 SOU Southern Historical Soc. Papers, Vol. II July to December 1876.
View Record  TX 976.4137 Bra Southern Brazoria Co. 'Cradle of Texas:' A pictorial history. Brazosport Facts
View Record  US/OH PAM 977.182 Kuh Ross HISTORY South-Central Ohio scenes Kuhns, Virginia Faunce & Nancy Lu Conrad
View Record  MN 977.1776581 Gle South St. Paul Centennial. 1887-1987. The history of South St. Paul, MN. Glewwe, Lois A., Editor.
View Record  NJ 974.99 McM South Jersey towns : History and legend McMahon, William Historical Journal
View Record  FOREIGN ENGLAND 942 Pin HISTORY Sons of the Conqueror: Descendants of Norman ancestry Pine, L. G.
View Record  TN 976.8 Kee Some pioneer preachers and teachers of Tennessee. A Bicentennial project to the Tennessee Soc., NSDAR Keever, Rosalie Ausmus, compiler
View Record  NC 975.6 Fit Some Neglected History of North Carolina; being an account of the Revolution of the regulators and the Battle of Alamance. . . Fitch, William Edward, M.D.
View Record  KS 978.178133 Coo Some History of Wetmore, (Kansas). Cooley, Vera
View Record  MO 977.877817 Eds Some History of Bethany (Harrison Co., MO) 1840s to 1930s. Names and Places. Edson, Wayne
View Record  PAM MO 977.877825 Neb Some Early Settlers; Some Early German Settlers; and Churches in Chariton Co., MO. Ref: Lutheran Church, Brunswick, MO, Indian Grove Christian Church Neblock, Nita
View Record  O/REF US 973.3 McM HISTORY REV WAR Soldiers of the American Revolution - a sketchbook McMahon, Walter L., Col., supr.
View Record  US/VA Montgomery 975.5785 Keg HISTORY Soldiers of Fincastle County [now Montgomery County] Virginia, 1774, 4th ed. Kegley, Mary B.
View Record  US/KS Douglas 978.165 Par HISTORY Soil of our souls: Histories of the Clinton Lake area communities Parker, Martha & Betty Laird
View Record  US/KS Osborne 978.1215 Ise HISTORY Sod-house days: Letters from a Kansas homesteader [Howard Ruede], 1877-1878 (Orig. Pub. 1937) Ise, John, ed.
View Record  PAM KS 978.1 Jam Sod House Pioneers. Includes: J W. Hutchinson of Thomas Co., John Randell Family of Western Kans. near Oberlin; and J S Andrews of Bloom, Kansas James, Bill
View Record  NE 978.2 Alb Sod house memories, volmes I - II - III; a compilation of sod house experiences, including a definative history of the period in Nebraska, with maps, photographs, and index Alberts, Frances Jacobs
View Record  US/KS OSBORNE 978.1215 Ise HISTORY Sod and stubble: Unabridged and annotated edition with additional material by Von Rothenberger Ise, John
View Record  US/MA 974.45 New Essex HISTORY Pub #5 Society's Publication #5: Joshua Coffin Papers Sons & Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury, MA
View Record  US/MA 974.45 New Essex HISTORY Pub #1 Society's 50th Anniversary, 1927-1977: reprint of Publication #1 (orig. pub. 1935) Sons & Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury, MA
View Record  FAM HIST 929.2 Hyd SNOW Snow of Kansas: Life of Francis Huntington Snow with extracts from his journals and letters [University of Kansas history] Hyder, Clyde Kenneth
View Record  IL 977.324 Nap Snapshots of our past: A pictorial history of Naperville. Title from cover Naperville Sun
View Record  US/KS McPherson 978.155 Bil HISTORY Smoky Valley in the after years: Part 1 (translation, written by Alfred Bergin, 1919); Part 2 (compiled by Elizabeth Jaderborg, 1969). , 1969. Billdt, Ruth Bergin & Elizabeth Jaderborg, eds.
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