Founded in 1965, the Topeka Genealogical Society is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Topeka, Kansas.  
Our mission:
  • To promote and encourage interest in and learning about family history, genealogical records, and genealogical research,
  • To acquire genealogical and historical source materials to be shared with our members and the public, and
  • To promote the recording, collection and preservation of genealogical information and source materials.

Operating Year: January - December 2018

President: Marty Flanagan
Vice President: Garry Macha
Director At Large: Norman Stahl
Recording Secretary: Cindy Cruz
Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Brock
Treasurer: Phil Wilkes
Past President: Eadie Flickinger
Library Director: Lyn Hutchinson
Committee Chairs / Directors
Administration: Vacant
Education: Terry Stahl
Finance : Phil Wilkes
Information Technology: David Haslett
Library Director: Lyn Hutchinson
Membership : Nancy Appelhanz
Publicity, Public Relations: Richard McReynolds
Records Preservation, Research: Brenda Kelly
Other Key Volunteers
Annual Conference: Jan Droge
Library Volunteer Coordinator: Alma Baker
Newsletter Editor: Karen Robertson
Periodical Exchanges: Nancy Appelhanz
Publication Sales: Brenda Kelly
Quarterly Editor: Brenda Kelly
Research Requests: Barbara LaClair
Webmaster: Karen Robertson