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Help Us Secure Our Future Legacy - TGS Building Fund
Having our own building allows us tremendous opportuntiy and flexibility in the programming that we offer, but is also a huge responsiblity and expense. In addition to the monthly utility costs that we incur, we have ongoing expenses for basic maintenance and upkeep that we need to take care of. The list of needed repairs is long, and costly.  We do not receive any taxpayer or government support - we must pay these bills through member and donor support. 
Re-locating to another location is a topic that has been discussed frequently in recent months and years. Options are currently being explored, but one thing is clear. If we want to relocate, we will need to have sufficient cash in hand to be in a position to purchase a building. Our regular operating income is simply not sufficient to support either leasing or mortgage payments.   
Whether we decide to stay in our current location or to move to a new building, either option will require that we do some substantial fundraising to build our reserve fund and position ourselves to be able to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. 
Donations to this fund will be used to assist with repairs and upgrades to our current building so long as we are there, and to build our reserve fund to position us to be able to seriously consider other locations in the future.
Donations in any amount are appreciated. 
NOTE:  Unfortunately, we have discovered that the recurrent donations option on our website is not working correctly, and will only process the intial payment of recurrent donation pledges.  If you would like to make recurrent donations, you will need to make the subsequent payments by mailing in a check.
Donations may be made in the form of a check or money order sent in the mail (a printable form will generated for mailing with the payment),  or by credit card or PayPal using the PayPal option. 
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