Volunteer With Us!

Volunteering with TGS is a great way to meet other TGS members, grow and expand your skills, and give back to the broader genealogy community by helping us to compile genealogical resource materials and make them accessible to other researchers. No matter what your age, experience, or skill set, we want and need your help. Training is provided, and hours are flexible.  Sign up today, and help us make TGS the best local genealogical organization around!
Join Our Leadership Team as a Board Member! -  Help to define our future, set priorities, oversee our day-to-day operations to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that we operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Position descriptions are available here.  Orientation and Board training will be provided.  If interested, contact Barb LaClair at tgstopeka.president@gmail.com. 
Committee Chairs - Join our Leadership Team ! -  We currently have openings for Chairs of the standing committees listed below.  In addition to leading and managing the work of their respective committees, Committee Chairs serve as (non-voting) members of our Board of Directors, and are encouraged to attend Board meetings and provide the Board with periodic reports on the activities of their committee. Current Openings:  Building Committee Chair, Finance Commitee Chair, Publicity & Marketing Chair, Research & Records Preservation Chair.  If you have interest in any of these positions, please contact Barb LaClair at tgstopeka.president@gmail.com . 
Building Committee Are you handy with a hammer, or maybe have some formal experience in construction or building trades? How about experience in Real Estate or Property Management? We need your help in planning for and overseeing maintenance and upgrades to our current building, and in evaluating our options for re-location. If you would like to help with this important work, contact Barb LaClair at tgstopeka.president@gmail.com
Finance Committee -  Do you have experience in bookeeping or accounting?  How about with fundraising or fund development?  Finance? Budgeting?  We need your help! This committee also needs a Chair!  If you are interested in serving on the Finance Committee, contact Barb LaClair at tgstopeka.president@gmail.com .
Publicity and Marketing - TGS suffers from low visibility in our community - we are a well-kept secret!  Help us change that and promote our organization by serving as a member of the Publicity & Marketing team.  We are especially in need of people with social media skills, media and formal marketing experience. Graphic design skills would also be very helpful. Time committment: variable.  If you would like to help, contact Barb LaClair at tgstopeka.president@gmail.com.
Information Technology Committee -  Are you the "techie" or "computer geek" type?   The TGS IT team  (currently led  by Dave Haslett)  team could use your help in setting up and maintaining our computers, printers, scanners, and information management systems, and in managing our data resources. If interested, contact us at tgstopeka.tech@gmail.com
TGS Quarterly Editorial Board -  Share your knowledge and experience, or your recent genealogical discoveries! Get published! Support the Editor of the TGS Quarterly (Mechelle Foos) with ideas and suggestions for content, and perhaps writing a column or articles or abstracting genealogical data for publication. Maybe you have an "eagle eye" and would like to help as a proof-reader? If interested, contact us at tgseditor@tgstopeka.org
Conference Committee -  Our 2022 Heartland Family History Conference was a sucess, and we're now working on plans for the 2023 Conference. Get on board now, and help us put together another great conference!  Time requirement: Variable. Remote pariticpation (via Zoom meetings) is possible. Most active in March-April just prior to the Conference.  If interested, contact us at tgstopeka.conference@gmail.com.
Education Committee - Do you have ideas for genealogy workshop topics that would be of broad interest?  Do you enjoy teaching?  Have a special genealogical niche or skill that you would be willing to share?  Maybe you would be willing to help in a support role by preparing and assembling course handout materials?  Join the education committee and help us continue to build and strengthen our educational offerings. Time requirement: variable.  If interested, contact us at topgensoceducation@gmail.com.
Library Volunteers -  Serve as a volunteer librarian, assisting library patrons and helping us to keep the library clean and orderly. Training is provided, and new library volunteers will be paired with an experienced librarian. Time requirement:  One or more 4-hour shift per month during library operating hours (weekday afternoons and Saturdays).  If interested, please contact us at tgslibrarycoord@gmail.com.
Research Volunteers - Do you love helping others with their genealogical research?  Volunteers are needed on the research committee to answer research requests. Most requests will require record lookups or searches at either the TGS library or the Kansas Historical Society Archives.  If interested, please contact  us at research@tgstopeka.org .
Indexing  & Scanning projects (various)- Several indexing and digitization projects are being carried out at TGS and help is always needed. Some of these indexing jobs can be done from your home. We also need volunteers who are willing to lead and manage these projects. Attention to detail, basic computer skills and basic spreadsheet experience are helpful. If interested, please contact Barb LaClair at tgstopeka.president@gmail.com. 
Publications Manager - Oversee the production and sale of TGS Publications.  Manage inventory and replenish stock as needed, fill orders, maintain up-to-date publications list and pricing, coordinate with the Chair of the Research & Records Preservation Committee in developing and producing new publications. 
Newsletter Editor  - Solicit, collect and/or create content for monthly newsletter.  Format electronic newsletter using a email marketing software, publish and distribute newsletters through established processes. Attention to detail,  organizational skills, good computer skills are needed. Experience with email marketing software such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or Vertical Response would be helpful. 
Volunteer Coordinator - Help us create and implement a better system for recruiting, placement and coordination of our volunteers!   Background or experience in volunteer management or human resources would be helpful. Good people skills are essential to this job.
Office Administrator - Help to monitor and maintain adequate levels of office supplies. Monitor cleanliness of interior spaces, and recruit and assign volunteers to take care of everyday housekeeping needs.
Please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form to let us know how you would be interested in volunteering.