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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  KS 911.178135 Mis 1882 Atlas of Doniphan Co., KS. Index of landowners, Patron's list of businessmen and farmers, including township plat maps. Missouri River Heritage Association
View Record  PAM MO 929.3778145 Nor 1896 Gentry Co., MO. Landowners Atlas with maps. Northwest Missouri Gen. Soc..
View Record  REF KS 911.918 Cha 1903 Chautauqua Co. Atlas. Sedan, Kans. Chautauqua Co. Historical & Gen. Soc.
View Record  MO 911.77811 Nor 1904 Atlas Atchison Co. Missouri Northwest Missouri Gen. Soc.
View Record  REF KS 911.918 Cha 1921 Chautauqua Co. Atlas. Sedan, Kans. Chautauqua Co. Historical & Gen. Soc.
View Record  US/NE 978.2843 Boo Red Willow LAND RECS 1958 Atlas of Red Willow County [NE] Booth, R. C. Enterprises
View Record  SCOTLAND 941.04 Gar A Gen. atlas of Scotland Gardner, David E
View Record  REF IRELAND 911.1 Mit A New Gen. Atlas of Ireland. Ref: Maps. Mitchell, Brian
View Record  IA 977.7 And A.T. Andres' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875. Includes biographical sketches and list of patrons. Andreas, A.T
View Record  PA 929.374841 Sou Alphabetized, Cross Referenced and Coded Indexes to the 1876 Atlas of York Co., Pa. in 2 vol. (bound as one)Spec. Publ. 44 & 45. South Central Pennsylvania Gen. Soc.
View Record  REF US 912.73 Har American History Atlas. Edited by Albert Bushnell, David Maydole Matteson and Herbert E. Bolton, Maps & atlases - U.S. History. Hart, Albert Bushnell, Editor
View Record  REF US 917.3003 Bah American place names of long ago: A republication of the index to Cram's Unrivaled Atlas of the World as based on the census of 1890 of the world Bahn, Gilbert S
View Record  MAPCASE III IN 977.265 Gri An atlas of Delaware Co., Indiana : from actual survey. Griffing, B. N.
View Record  MAPCASE D-II VA 975.5992 Lat An atlas of Frederick Co., Virginia; from 1885 surveys by J.M. Latrop and A. W. Dayton. Hammond's edition Lathrop, J. M
View Record  O/REF MA 974 Eld An atlas of northern trails westward from New England Eldridge, Carrie
View Record  REF MO 911.377 Car An Illustrated Historical Atlas Map - Carroll Co., MO. Brink, McDonough & Co. 1876, rept. 1971 Carroll Historical Soc.
View Record  REF KS 911.197 Edw An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Bourbon Co., Kans. 1878 rept. Edwards Brothers
View Record  MAPCASE MO Drawer VI Pla An illustrated historical atlas Platte Co., Missouri. Reprint of Edwards Brothers of Misssouri, 1877 Platte Co. Historical Soc.
View Record  REF AR 911.761 Bak Arkansas township atlas 1819-1930. Revised & Improved Maps, 2006 Baker, Russell P.
View Record  ATLAS CASE KS Bottom Shelf Kan Atlas and plat book of Shawnee Co. Kansas, 1921 Directory of Farmers Kansas Farmer and Mail and Breeze
View Record  REF GERMANY 914.1 Tho Atlas for Germanic Genealogy. 2d rev. ed. Thode, Ernest
View Record  GERMANY 929.1 Tho Atlas for Germanic Genealogy.card 2 circulating copy Thode, Ernest
View Record  O/REF US/IL 977.349 And Knox ATLAS Atlas map of Knox County, IL (orig. pub. 1870) Andreas, Lyter & Co.
View Record  O/REF PA 972.842 Lak Atlas of Adams Co. Pennsylvania : from actual surveys under the direction of D. J. Lake; reprinted under through yhe sponsorship of the Adams Co. Historical Soc. Lake, D. J.
View Record  O/REF MO 977.8185 Bul Atlas of Caldwell Co., Missouri Bullock, W. P.
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Records: 1 to 25 of 120