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View Record  US/KS Logan 978.135 Lin TRAILS Smoky Hill Valley and Butterfield Trail Linville, Leslie
View Record  US 973.918 Dai HISTORY KOREA Skirmish - red, white and blue: history of the 7th US Cavalry, 1945-1953 Daily, Edward L.
View Record  WV 975.442 Lud Sketches of Wood Co. - Its early history Ludwick, John
View Record  NC 975.6 Hun Sketches of Western North Carolina. Hunter, C. L.
View Record  REF/PAM OH 977.149 Spr Sketches of Springfield (Clark Co., Ohio) in 1856. Presenting views of its social, literary and religious institutions and business interests. Springfield Nonpareil Office
View Record  US/VA 975.5 Gal HISTORY Sketch of the Virginia soldier in the Revolution Gallup, Andrew
View Record  REF ALUMNI 978.163 THS Shawnee 1932 Sixty-two years of history in the Topeka High School, 1870-1932 Publications Department, Topeka High School
View Record  ARCHIVE ALUMNI 978.163 THS Shawnee 1932 Sixty-two years of history in the Topeka High School, 1870-1932 Publications Department, Topeka High School
View Record  US/AK 979.8 Coa HISTORY Sinking of the Princes Sophia: taking the North down with her Coates, Kenneth & Bill Morrison
View Record  Simply astounding - Lebo: First 100 years Hawkins, Nancy
View Record  US/KS Coffey 978.1645 Haw HISTORY Simply Astounding - Lebo: First 100 years Hawkins, Nancy S.
View Record  NC 975.6 Cut Silversmiths of North Carolina, 1696-1860, rev. by Mary Reynolds Peacock. Cutten, George Barton
View Record  PA 974.872 Ful Silversmiths and clockmakers of Fulton Co., Pennsylvania--1785-1900; written by John Nelson v. 6 Fulton Co. Historical Soc.
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Sil HISTORY Silver Lake, Kansas Centennial, 1870-1970. Silver Lake Centennial Booklet Committee
View Record  US/KS PAM 978.163 Sil Shawnee CHURCH Silver Lake United Methodist Church Diamond Jubilee, 1877-1997 Silver Lake United Methodist Church Centennial Committee
View Record  KS 978.1 Kan Silver Anniversary History 1974 KCGS 1999. Compiled by Leland Adams. Kansas Council of Gen. Societies
View Record  PAM US/KS Woodson 978.1923 Lan HISTORY Silent men: Life, background of Abner Yates, owner of a town - Yates Center Landes, Fannie Johnson
View Record  MD 975.2 Ric Sidelights on Maryland history, v. 2 Richardson, Hester Dorsey,
View Record  MD 975.2 Ric Sidelights on Maryland history, v. 1 Reprinted in 1995 Richardson, Hester Dorsey,
View Record  US 973.8 Fon HISTORY Short history of Reconstruction Foner, Eric
View Record  OK 976.6 Wad Ship of State on a Sea of Oil. (History on selecting the State Capitol site) Wade, Henry F.
View Record  US/KS Sheridan 978.1145 Hin HISTORY Sheridan County, Kansas: History of faith and labor, v. 2 Hinger, Charlotte, ed.
View Record  KS 978.1145 Hin Sheridan Co., Kansas, a history of faith and labor; A two-volume biographical and cultural collection representative of the heritage of this locality. v. 1 Hinger, Charlette, editor
View Record  VA WV 975.59 Doh Shenandoah: the Valley story. Rev. ed. Dohme, Alvin
View Record  US/VT Franklin 974.313 Ash HISTORY Sheldon, Vermont: People who lived and worked there, 2nd ed. Ashton, Dorothy Hemenway
View Record  US/KS 978.163 Rip Shawnee HISTORY #51 Shawnee County [KS] Historical Society Bulletin # 51 - Album of 19th Century homes of Shawnee County Ripley, John W., ed
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Mau HISTORY Shawnee County Sheriff's Office, 1855-2005 Mauck, J.D. & Rich Mergen
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Mau HISTORY Shawnee County sheriff's office, 1855-2005 Mauck, J. D. and Richard Mergen
View Record  PERIODICAL 978.163 Kin KS Shawnee HISTOR Shawnee County Historical Society Bulletin #60: The Circus World of Willie Sells with accounts of Circus Performances in Topeka, 1858-1908. Shawnee County Historical Society
View Record  PERIODICALS 978.163 Sha KS Shawnee HISTO Shawnee County Historical Society Bulletin # 49 - Those Dreadful Devil-Wagons: Shawnee County's Automobile Owners, Dealers and Manufacturers, 1900-1925. Shawnee County Historical Society
View Record  CD KS 978.163 Sha Shawnee Co., Kansas EBooks. Contents: History of Shawnee Co., Kansas, 1883. Selected from A. T. Andress, History of Kansas.--History of Shawnee Co. Kansas and representative citizens edited by James L King.--Shawnee Co. Maps, 1851, 1862, 1883, 1886., 1899, 1902, 1905 (Cram), 1905 (Peerless) 1907, 1911
View Record  NH 929.3742 Obe Shaping the Land We Call New Hampshire. A land use history. Ober, Richard, Editor.
View Record  SC 975.771 Col Shandon Memories. A pictorial history of the Shandon neighborhood in Columbia (Richland Co.,) S.C. The Columbia Star
View Record  LA 976.346 Dai Shades of the Past. A Pictorial History of St. Landry Parish, LA The Daily World
View Record  US/KS Seward 978.1735 HISTORY Seward County, Kansas Toland, Pauline, ed.
View Record  VA 975.554 Bod Seventeenth century Isle of Wight Co., Virginia Boddie, John Bennett
View Record  VA 975.591 Har Settlers of the Long Grey Trail : Some pioneers of old Augusta Co. Virginia, and their descendants of the family of Harrison and allied lines Harrison, J. Houston
View Record  NY 974.733 Doh Settlers of the Beekman Patent. Dutchess Co., NY. An historical and Gen. study of all the 18th Century setters in the Patent. Doherty, Frank J
View Record  NY 974.733 Doh Settlers of the Beekman Patent. Dutchess Co., N. Y. An historical and Gen. study of all the 18th century settlers in the Patent. v. 4 Darbyshire to Everitt. Doherty, Frank J.
View Record  KS 978.133 Phi Seneca 125 Years Ago. A souvenir collection of Seneca's history regarding Its 1870 incorporation as a 3rdclass town. Phillbrick, Michael
View Record  PAM US/KS Douglas 978.165 Lit HISTORY Self-guided tour of Baldwin City's historic sites Litteer, Loren K.
View Record  KY TN 976.9 Arn Seedtime on the Cumberland; with a foreword by Wilma Dykeman Arnow, Harriette Simpson
View Record  FOREIGN UK/ENG 942 Bai HISTORY Secret rooms: true story of a haunted castle, a plotting duchess, and a family secret Bailey, Catherine
View Record  SCOTLAND 941.1 Moo Scottish local history : an introductory guide Moody, David
View Record  FOREIGN UK SCOTLND 941.1 Liv FOLKLORE Scottish customs Livingstone, Sheila
View Record  SCOTLAND 929.2 Ree Scottish Coalmining Ancestors. Lindsay S. Reeks, Pleasant Hill, Calif. Reeks, Lindsay S.
View Record  VA 975.5735 Sco Scott Co., Virginia and Its People. 1814-1991. Scott Co., (VA) Book Committee
View Record  IA 977.777769 Sco Scott Co., (IA) Heritage. Scott Co., (IA) Heritage Book Comm.
View Record  FOREIGN ULSTER 941.6 Ley N. IRELAND Scotch-Irish: Social history Leyburn, James G.
View Record  US/IL Schuyler 977.3475 Sch HISTORY Schuyler County, Illinois history Schuyler County Jail Museum, comp.
View Record  CD MO 977.826 Sch Schuyler Co. Missouri EBooks Contents: History of Schuyler Co. c.1888.--Maps of Schuyler Co.
View Record  PAM KS 978.1 Kan School Then and Now - Heritage of Kansas, 1963. Publication of Ks. State Teachers College v. II #2. Kansas State Teachers College
View Record  PAM KS 978.178163 Hoo Scenes and Memories of Dover. Hood, Bob, Hepworth, Naomi, Scott, Jay & Scott, Charles C.
View Record  US/NC Orange 975.6565 Ray HISTORY Scattered records relating to early Orange County, North Carolina residents from 1752-1852 Raymond, Charles E., comp.
View Record  FAM HIST 929.2 McF McFARLAND Scattered People: American family moves west McFarland, Gerald
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Tay HISTORY Save the Jayhawk Taylor, Richard
View Record  MA 974.492 Lov Sandwich (Barnstable Co., MA) A Cape Cod Town. Lovell, Russell A, Jr.
View Record  OK 976.681 May Sallisaw (Sequoyah Co., OK) Historical Highlights 1888-1993. Mayo, Jim
View Record  MA 974.402 Wil Saints and Strangers, being the lives of the Pilgrim fathers and their families, with friends and foes; . . . . Willison, George Findlay, 1879-
View Record  FAM HIST 929.2 Hin HINKLE Saddle and the statute Hinkle, Fred
View Record  RESOURCE A-TAPE 929.1 NGS CONFERENCE 200 S-431 "But Grandma Never Carried a Gun: Locating Women Using Records Created by the Military," NGS Conference, Pittsburg, PA, May 2003 Melchiori, Marie Varrelman, speaker
View Record  US/MO Cole 977.855 Rai HISTORY Russellville, Missouri sesquicentennial, 1838-1988 Raithel, Erna E., ed.
View Record  US/KS Rush 978.148 Rus HISTORY Rush County, Kansas: Century in story and pictures (includes separate index) Rush County Book Committee
View Record  US/KS Rush 978.148 Rus HISTORY Rush County [KS] Centennial, 1874-1974 Rush County Centennial Committee
View Record  US/TX 976.4724 Jen Runnels HISTORY Runnels County (TX) pioneers Jenkins, Frank Duane, ed.
View Record  KS 978.149 Roz Rozel, Kansas 1886 - 1986 Rozel Centennial Committee
View Record  977.439 Roy MI OAKLAND Royal Oak, Michigan - The early years Royal Oak Historical Society
View Record  PAM/REF US/KS Shawnee 978.163 GAR HISTRY Rosters: Lincoln Post No. 1; Blue Post No. 250; and Lincoln Circle Ladies of the G.A.R. Lincoln Post # 1 GAR
View Record  US/KS 978.163 Ros Shawnee HISTORY Rossville, Kansas Centennial,1871-1971 Rossville Centennial Committee
View Record  NE 978.1782397 Ros Roseland, Nebraska 1887-1987, v. I. Roseland Centennial Book Comm.
View Record  FOREIGN UK/ENGLAND 942.02 Bur HISTORY Roll of Battle Abbey (Orig. Pub. 1848) Burke, John Bernard, Esq.
View Record  US 973 Str EMGIGRATN/IMMIGRATN Roger Clap's memoirs with account of voyage of the 'Mary and John,' 1630 (Orig. Pub. 1844) Strong, Sydney, ed.
View Record  US/VA 975.585 Pre Rockbridge HISTORY Rockbridge County Bath County [VA] families and history (reprinted from Henry Hardesty's "Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia," 1884) Presgraves, Jim & Fred Leibig Watts
View Record  OK 917.66 Dot Rock Mary and the California Road; Rock Mary report and Lieutenant Simpson's California road across Okla. . . . Dott, Robert H. editor
View Record  NE 978.2782743 Roc Rock Co., Nebraska Centennial, 1888-1988. Rock Co. Centennial Book Comm. & Historical Soc.
View Record  US/KS Brown 978.134 Hol NEWSPAPER Robinson Index, Brown County, Kansas: Selection and abstraction of articles of genealogical interest from July 1893 to July 1898 Hollingsworth, Patricia Merrill, abstr.
View Record  FAM HIST 929.2 Fos JOHNSON Robert Wood Johnson: Gentleman rebel (Family history of the Johnson family back to John of Hull, England before 1798) Foster, Lawrence G.
View Record  US/VA 975.5 Mil HISTORY Roanoke: Solving the mystery of the lost colony Miller, Lee
View Record  US 973.7 Nev HISTORY CIVIL WAR v.4 Road to Shiloh: early battles in the West Nevin, David
View Record  976.9 Ban KY IN IL OH PA WV HISTORY Rivers of America: The Ohio Banta, R.E.
View Record  PAM IN 977.214 Jer Ripley Co. (Indiana) 1800-1888 Jerman, Ed C.
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.128 Ril Riley HISTORY Riley, Kansas Centennial, 1870-1970 Riley (KS) Centennial Committee
View Record  US/KS Riley 978.128 Sla HISTORY Riley County Kansas: Story of early settlements, rich valleys, azure skies and sunflowers Slagg, Winifred N.
View Record  MN 977.6776555 Ric Rice Co. Families, Their History, Our Heritage. Rice Co., (MN) Historical Soc..
View Record  US/RI 974.5 Arn LAND RECORDS Rhode Island colonial gleanings: records of the proprietors of the Narragansett, otherwise called the Fones Record Arnold, James N.
View Record  PAM US/VA Hampton City 975.5412 Pat MILI Revolutionary War public service claim records for Elizabeth City County, Virginia Patterson, John L., trans.
View Record  PAM US/IN 977.2 Fun HISTORY REV WAR Revolutionary War Era in Indiana Funk, Arville L.
View Record  US/KY 976.9 Qui HISTORY REV WAR Revolutionary soldiers in Kentucky [Louisville, KY: Year Book Kentucky Sons of the American Revolution, 1896] Quisenberry, Anderson Chenault
View Record  US/MD 975.2 Bru MILITARY Revolutionary records of Maryland (Orig. Pub. 1924) Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus & Hodges, Margaret Roberts
View Record  REF KS 978.1 Uni Report of the Special Committee Appointed to Investigate the Troubles in Kansas; with the views of the minority of said Comm. Ref: Kansas - Territorial history. United States House of Representatives.
View Record  US/VA Bedford 975.5675 Chi HISTORY Remnants of war, 1861-1865: Civil War records, Bedford County, VA Chilton, Ann
View Record  US/MO SW MO 977.87 BNL HISTORY Reminiscent history of the Ozark Region: Condensed general history, a brief descriptive history of each county, and numerous biographical sketches of prominent citizens of such counties BNL Library Services
View Record  IN 977.276 Ken Remenber When...A Noble Co. pictorial review Kendallville News-Sun
View Record  978.163 Top KS Shawnee HISTORY Remembrances in Wood, Brick and Stone: Examples from the architectural heritage of Shawnee County, Kansas. Topeka-Shawnee County Metropolitan Planning Commission
View Record  IA 977.771 Cou Remember When? A pictorial history of Council Bluffs & southwest Iowa; edited and designed by Glen Fahrenkrug. Includes many photographs of John W. 'Jack' Kennedy, longtime chief photographer of the newspaper Daily Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Iowa
View Record  IN 977.277 Aub Remember When...DeKalb Co.: A pictorial review. Title from: Front Cover Auburn Evening Star
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.1 Lin CHURCH Religion in Kansas during the era of the Civil War [reprint from the Kansas Historical Quarterly, Autum/Winter, 1960] Lindquist, Emory
View Record  US/NC 975.6 Cal HISTORY Religion and the American Revolution in North Carolina Calhoon, Robert M.
View Record  US 973.1 Dod Relief is Greatly Wanted. The Battle of Ft. William Henry. Dodge, Edward J
View Record  US/KY 976.9 KySHS HISTORY Register, Kentucky State Historical Society, v. 30:2, April 1930 McChesney, H. V., ed.
View Record  MO 977.8813 Buf Reflexions, II. A Pictorial history of the people and communities of Dallas Co., MO Buffalo Reflex
View Record  TX 976.4557 She Reflections: Grayson Co.'s past, Volume II; Compiled and Edited by Don Eldridge Sherman Herald Democrat
View Record  NC 975.6385 Len Reflections: Caldwell Co....A pictorial review. Lenior News-Topic
View Record  KY 969.9625 Sta Reflections: A pictorial history of Lincoln Co. Stanford Interior Journal and First Southern National Bank
View Record  AR 976.797 New Reflections: A Pictorial History of Jackson Co. Newport Daily Independent
View Record  TN 976.827 Jac Reflections. A Pictorial History of Madison Co., (TN) The Jackson Sun
View Record  AR 976.776 Dai Reflections of White Co. Arkansas Daily Citizen, Searcy, Arkansas
View Record  IA IL MO 977.799 Dai Reflections of the Tri-State area: A pictorial history. Daily Gate & Free Press
View Record  MI 977.495 Dai Reflections of the past: A pictorial history of Delta, Schoolcraft & Northern Menominee Counties Daily Press, Encanaba, Michigan
View Record  NE 978.251 Alb Reflections of the Past Visual History of Albion (Boone Co., NE) Albion News
View Record  US/CA Fresno 979.482 Ros HISTORY Reflections of Shaver Lake Rose, Gene
View Record  TN 976.8 Sta Reflections of our past The State Gazette, Dyersville, TN
View Record  TN 976.87 O'Ne Reflections of our heritage Cocke Co. O'Neil, J Duay and Nancy L O'Neil
View Record  US/AR Columbia 976.759 Ban HISTORY Reflections of Magnolia and Columbia County, 1850-1996 Weldon, Jackie & Hilda Cranford, comps. & eds.
View Record  KS 978.165 Lak Reflections of Lakeview Club 1892-1992, The first 100 years Lakeview Fishing and Shooting Club
View Record  IN 977.299 Tim Reflections of Lake Co.; East Chicago.-Crown Point.-Hammond-.Cedar Lake.-Munster.-Highland.-Gary. The Times (Northwest Indiana Times)
View Record  KS 978.1 Woo Reflections of Kansas. A Prairie Postcard Album, 1900-1930. Wood, Frank, & Daymond, Scott
View Record  AR 976.742 Mal Reflections of Hot Spring Co. Malvern Daily Record
View Record  MO 977.816 Wat Reflections of Excelsior Springs. A Pictorial History of Excelsior Springs (Clay Co.,), Mo. Watson, James Mathias
View Record  MS 976.243 Bol Reflections of Bolivar Co. Bolivar Commercial, Cleveland, Mississippi
View Record  IA 977.7123 Spi Reflections in the water: A pictorial history of the Iowa Great Lakes; Michael J Kuehn, Publisher Spirit Lake Publishing Co
View Record  TN 976.859 Dai Reflections 2000: a pictorial history of Maury Co. Tennessee Daily Herald
View Record  IN 977.286 Log Reflections Logansport Pharos-Tribune
View Record  US/CA San Bernardino 979.495 Red HISTORY Redlands revisited: pictorial history Redlands Daily Facts
View Record  TN 976.845 Whi Red River settlers: records of the settlers of Montgomery, Robertson and Sumner Counties, Tennessee Whitley, Edythe Johns Rucker
View Record  NE 978.2374 Red Red Cloud (Webster Co.,) NE. A History in Pictures. The Red Cloud Chief
View Record  US/KS Osage 978.1643 Car CHURCH Records of the first Congregational Church of Carbondale, Osage County, Kansas, 1877-1977 Carbondale Church Centennial Committee
View Record  IN 977.295 Cox Recollections of the early settlement of the Wabash Valley Cox, Sanford C
View Record  O/REF WV 975.457 Shi Recalling the past...Looking to the future: A history of northern Harrison Co.; Clay, Eagle, Sardis Districts Shinston Historical Association
View Record  MO 977.841 Ray Raytown Missouri USA for the Raytown Sesquicentennial celebration, 1849-1999 Raytown Historical Soc.
View Record  CD MO 977.819 Ray Ray Co., Missouri EBook. Contents: History of Ray Co., MO, 1881.--Ray Co. maps 1851, 1902, 1904, 1913, 1920's, 1929.
View Record  LA 976.369 Whi Rapides Parish Louisana. A history, reprinted from the Louisiana Historical Quarterly, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935. Whittington, G P
View Record  KS 978.148 Hor Ransom, Kansas. The First One Hundred Years, 1887-1987. Horchem, Mark D
View Record  FAM HIST 929.2 Wal WALBRIDGE Ranchorama and Louie C. Walbridge: Illustrated story of Profile Ranch and the owner, 1859-1939 Walbridge, Caroline K.
View Record  NH 974.22 Bre Rambles about Portsmouth, first series. Sketches of persons and localities and incidents of two centuries. . . . Brewster, Charles W.
View Record  MO 977.8778355 How Ralls Co., Missouri. Howard, Goldena Roland
View Record  CD MO 977.8355 Ral Ralls Co. Missouri EBooks Contents : The Ruralist Missouri Directory : Directory of Farmers and Breeders of Marion and Ralls Counties... 1921.--Portrait and biographical record of Northern Missouri containing biographical sketches. C O Owen & Co. 1895.--Ralls Co. maps 1851, 1862, 1876, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1899, 1902, 1904, 1911, 1913, 1920's, 1929, 1939, 1948-49, 1950.
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Bru GAZETEER v. 3 Index Quick reference to Kansas: Lost--found--missing towns and places with selected trivia and truths, v. 3, Index Bruntzel, Melvin D.
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Bru GAZETEER v. 2 M-W Quick reference to Kansas: Lost--found--missing towns and places with selected trivia and truths, v. 2, Counties M-W Bruntzel, Melvin D.
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Bru GAZETEER v. 1 A-L Quick reference to Kansas: Lost--found--missing towns and places with selected trivia and truths, v. 1, Counties A-L Bruntzel, Melvin D.
View Record  FOREIGN IRELAND 941.5 Cul HISTORY Quest for the Galloping Hogan Culligan-Hogan, Matthew J.
View Record  PAM US/KS Osage 978.1643 Sun HISTORY Quenemo, 1870-1970 Sunflower-Fidelis Club, comp.
View Record  LA 976.3355 Kan Queen New Orleans. Kane, Harnett T
View Record  US/KS 978.1 Hou HISTORY Quantrill's thieves Houts, Joseph K.
View Record  PA 974.874811 Pen Quaint Corners in Philadelphia. With 100 and 74 illustrations. Pennell, Joseph and others
View Record  CD MO 977.823 Put Putnam Co., Missouri EBooks Contents : History of Putnam Co. MO.--Putnam Co. maps
View Record  IN 977.249 Ban Putnam Co. memories Banner Graphics, Greencastle, IN
View Record  US/MA 974.44 Pow Middlesex HISTORY Puritan Village: Formation of a New England town Powell, Sumner Chilton
View Record  US/NEW ENGLAND 974.02 Bre HISTORY Puritan experiment: New England society from Bradford to Edwards Bremer, Francis J.
View Record  KY 976.769 Pul Pulaski Co., (KY) Historical Research Book II Pulaski Co. KY Historical Soc.
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 Kan HISTORY Publications of the Kansas State Historical Society, v. 3: Political career of General James H. Lane Stephenson, Wendall Holmes
View Record  REF KS 978.1 Kan Publications of the Kansas State Historical Shalor Winchell Eldridge v. II 1920 Kansas State Historical Soc.
View Record  REF PAM SCHL DIR 978.1335 Jackson 1928 Public Schools of Jackson County, Kansas School Directory, 1928-1929 Pate, Nelle A., Jackson County [KS] Superintendent
View Record  REF PAM SCHL DIR 978.1335 Jackson 1927 Public Schools of Jackson County, Kansas School Directory, 1927-1928 Pate, Nelle A., Jackson County [KS] Superintendent
View Record  REF PAM SCHL DIR 978.1335 Jackson 1926 Public Schools of Jackson County, Kansas School Directory, 1926-1927, Pate, Nelle A., Jackson County [KS] Superintendent
View Record  CO 978.898 Lam Prowers Co. Heritage Lamar Daily News
View Record  KS 978.149 Til Progress in Pawnee Co. 1872 - 1952 Anniversary edition The Tiller and Toiler
View Record  KS 978.149 Til Progess 200 Pawnee Co. 1872 - 1976 : 1776-1976 American Revolution Bicentennial The Tiller and Toiler
View Record  IA 977.784 Osk Profile: 150 years of Oskaloosa and Mahaska Co.: Pictorial history of Mahaska Co.. Title from cover Oskaloosa Herald
View Record  O/REF VA 975.5632 Pri Prince Edward Co. Virginia Heritage 1754-2008 Prince Edward Co. Heritage Book Committee
View Record  US/MO Cass 977.842 Cen HISTORY Pride in the past - faith in the future: Cleveland, Missouri, 1890-1990 Centennial History Book Committee
View Record  US/IA Franklin 977.728 Ham HISTORY Pride in our past: Pictorial history of Franklin County [IA] Hampton Chronicle and Times
View Record  MS 976.2985 Ban Prentiss Co. memories Banner-Independent, Booneville, Mississippi
View Record  US/MO Cass 977.842 Lon HISTORY Prelude: Drexel the first 100 years (1890-1990) - History of the border Long, Clarence W.
View Record  IL 977.377553 Lyn Prelude to Progress, The history of Mason Co., Illinois, 1818-1968. Mason Co. Board of Supervisors. Lynn, Ruth Wallace
View Record  NJ NY 974.9 Bai Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families in Northern NJ and Southern NY. Bailey, Rosalie Fellows.
View Record  US/KS Pratt 978.1815 Stu HISTORY Pratt, Kansas: Centennial view, 1884-1984 Stucky, Tim
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Goo HISTORY Prairie to Property - History of the ownership of West Hills Good, Stephen E.
View Record  KS 978.125 His Prairie Portrait. Centennial Book, Concordia, KS. 1871-1971. Historical Program Book Committee
View Record  NE 978.293 Wat Prairie Justice 1885-1985. A One Hundred Year Study of the Legal System of Chadron and Dawes Co. (Neb.) Watson, George D., Jr.
View Record  US/KS Jewell 978.122 Shu HISTORY Prairie jewels: Schools, churches, post offices and cemeteries of Jewell County, Kansas Shute, Jeri & Erma Dillon, comps.
View Record  PAM VT 974.37437 Lat Poultney: A chronicle of yesterday. Latham, Allison Rees
View Record  Potwin Place Centennial homes tour of 1987: Walk through 10 homes, Oct 10-11, 1987
View Record  PAM US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Bar HISTORY Pottawatomie Baptist Manual Labor Training School (Kansas Historic Quarterly, v. 43, 1977) Barr, Thomas P.
View Record  NH 974.27426 Win Portsmouth, (N.H.) The life of a town. Winslow, Ola Elizabeth
View Record  US/OH Scioto 977.187 Por HISTORY Portsmouth [OH]: Down memory lane Portsmouth Daily Times
View Record  TN 976.828 Bul Portraits of Hardeman Co., TN. A Pictorial History. Published in celebration of Tennessee's 200th year of Statehood. Bulletin-Times Publ.
View Record  US/KS Jackson JF, PT 978.1335 Cha BIOG Portrait and biographical album of Jackson, Jefferson and Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas (Orig. Pub. 1890) n.i.
View Record  REF US/KS Jackson JF PT 978.1335 BIOG Portrait and biographical album of Jackson, Jefferson and Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas (Orig. Pub. 1890) n.i.
View Record  CD MO 977.877 Pol Polk Co., Missouri EBook. Contents: Goodspeed's Polk Co. history, 1889.-Selections from 1913 Red Book.-Polk Co. maps, 1851, 1902, 1904, 1913, 1920's, 1929 .
View Record  US/MA 974.482 Pop Plymouth HISTORY Plymouth scrap book - Oldest original documents extant in Plymouth archives Pope, Charles Henry, ed.
View Record  PAM US/KS 978.165 Tur Douglas CHURCH Plymouth Congregational Church, Lawrence, Kansas, 1854-1954 Turner, Dale
View Record  US/MA 974.482 Str Plymouth HISTORY Plymouth Colony: its history and people, 1620-1691 Stratton, Eugene Aubry
View Record  PAM KS 978.178148 Cal Plucky Germans Tamed the Prairies. History of German settlement in Ness Co., mentions early settlers. Callison, Fern C
View Record  US/KS 978.1 Tay CHURCH Plenteous harvest: Episcopal Church in Kansas, 1837-1972 Taylor, Blanche Mercer
View Record  MO 977.8135 Pla Platte Co., MO. A special edition of the Weston Chronicle, Weston, MO. and the Landmark, Platte City, MO., issued in connection with the National Cornhusking Contest held in Platte Co, November 15, 1929. Weston Chronicle
View Record  CD MO 977.8135 Pla Platte Co. Missouri EBook. Contents: History of Clay and Platte Counties, MO, 1885.--Selections for Platte Co. from Missouri Red Book, 1913.--Platte Co. Maps.
View Record  OK 929.3766445 Har Planning The Route. A history of Harmon Co., OK. Harmon Co., (OK) Historical Association
View Record  KS 978.378118 Pla Plainville, Kansas 1888-1988, The Pioneer Spirit Continues. Plainville Centennial Committee
View Record  KS 978.378175 Kno Plains, Kansas 100 Years 1885-1985. Knott, Joyce, Editor
View Record  CA 979.438 Pla Placer Co., Calif. Miscellaneous historical articles concerning Placer Co., CA.
View Record  PA 974.886 Lor Pittsburgh (Allegheny Co., Pa.) The story of an American City Lorant, Stefan
View Record  NC 975.6 Ran Pirates of Colonial North CarolinaPirates Rankin, Hugh F
View Record  LA 929.376341 Ter Pioneers. In Celebration of the City of Houma's Sesquicentennial, May 10, 1984. Phoebe Chauvin Morrison, ed. Terrebonne Gen. Soc.
View Record  WV 975.422 Hou Pioneers of Wood Co., W. VA, v. 1 Biographical sketches of early settlers in Wood Co., pioneers in and near Belleville House, John A
View Record  PA 974.821 Wil Pioneers of the Eighteenth Century Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, Book 1 Williams, Richard and Mildred C
View Record  MO 929.377848 Car Pioneers of Pettis and Adjoining Missouri Counties, v. II. Carter, Genevieve L.
View Record  MD 975.287 Pioneers of old Monocacy: The early settlement of Frederick Co., Maryland1721-1743 Tracey, Grace L. and John P. Dern
View Record  US/VA 975.5992 Ode Frederick HISTORY Pioneers of old Frederick County, Virginia Odell, Cecil
View Record  US/MA 974.4 Pop FAM HISTORY Pioneers of Massachusetts Pope, Charles Henry
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Records: 401 to 600 of 2349